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Hi,I am happy to see you here. I am from Bihar...Hence have my own bihari way to cook food. You will find many of Bihari cuisines or cuisines made bihari way. This blog is specifically about day-to-day visit to my kitchen. Mostly I try to make food with things which r easily available in kitchen or nearby market. If not so, I try to find a substitute. It is my 1st tryst with blogs or writing in any form, so, your suggestions, comments are most welcome.
N yes, the pics are being clicked by (my moto G-earlier posts) 1+2 cellphone Camera. It only means that in reality food looks more appetizing than the pic in the blog.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A sequel to aloo palak

One of my relative, who lives abroad sent me this after reading my blog about aloo- palak. He could nt get palak leaves there. but frozen grinded palak cubes are easily available at his place. I m just writing as he has sent me his method. Some of you might definitely find it useful.

"Firstly, roast frozen Palak with oil and cumin seeds. Later,do the same with chopped onion, Garlic, Ginger, tomato and cubically chopped potato. Later,add some mixed spices along with chilly powder.
Honestly saying, it tastes good. try it with rice"
It sounds good to me. Not only it sounds good, it also taste good.

Suji (rawa) ka Ladoo

When I was a child,ladoo means boondi ka ladoo.Ofcourse my knowledge about ladoos expanded with my age.Later,for higher studies,I used to live in hostel.While my mom used to give khajui, nimki, pirukiya(i will discuss about them later) to me, my friends from other places used to bring these delicious home-made ladoos.So,along with my studies,I got a chance to eat different types of ladoos,such as suji ka ladoo, besan ka ladoo, daal k ladoo & so on.I even tried once to prepare it during my summer vacation, but result was not good.
And as some of u might with me that we get something good when we least expect it. it happens exactly with me.on friday, there was no electricity & I was looking for something to kill time.& then I got the idea to try my hand on ladoos.So,I checked my kitchen & there was everything to prepare suji ka ladoo. here is how I made it.

U will need: 1 cup suji(almost 100 gm), 3/4 cup sugar in powdered form,1/4 cup ghee,2 tbspn boiled milk,1 tspn cardamom(ilaichi dana) crushed.

heat kadai properly.Add ghee.Add suji. keep the flame medium. stirr continuously.when suji starts changing colour, add sugar. after two minutes, switch off the flame.Add cardamom.mix well. sprinkle half milk & mix well.Now, wet ur palm with rest of the milk & make ladoos with these mixture. when u r done , keep aside the ladoos for 15 minutes. U r ready to serve.

P.S. These easy to made quick recipe turned out so well that my hubby complimented me. & this was special as he is not so fond of sweets. So,R u ready to try these & recieve compliments...

Tip of the day: u can also add kaju, kishmish etc. but be sure that they should be finely chopped in small pieces.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Matar- Bhuja

Bhuja- people outside bihar would rarely know what does it mean? But I m sure if u r a bihari or have been there even for a short visit, there r chances that u were served this as an evening snack. We have its different form there, chura ka bhuja, makai ka bhuja , chana ka bhuja etc. but the most famous & easily made at home is chura ka bhuja, my father’s favourite evening snack. So, today I m here with another delicacy from bihar.

U will need: For Matar, 250gm green peas, 1 tbspn mustard oil, 1 large onion finely chopped, ½ tspn turmeric powder, salt to taste.
For Bhuja, 250 gm chidwa (or chura as called in Bihar), 1 tbspn ghee, salt to taste.

First of all, heat kadai properly. Add ghee. Add chidwa to heated ghee & keep stirring continuously. When chidwa turns slightly brown, add salt & switch off the stove. Bhuja is ready.
Keep aside the bhuja in a plate. Again heat the kadai. Add oil. Add onion. When onion turns slightly red, add matar ( green peas). After a while add turmeric powder & salt. Cook with lid on. In approx. 5 minutes u r done. Stir well after 2 minutes.
You r ready with unusual yummy platter of evening snack

Tip of the Day: fry bhuja on medium flame & dnt stop stirring. keep low flame while preparing matar.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Aloo palak

When I was a kid, I used to hate palak or any other saag (palak, methi etc. are fondly called in bihar). Whenever I got stomach ache, leg pain, or anything such,My father used to blame all those for not eating green leafy vegetables. Later on, when I went to hostel, I started swallowing palak vegetables bt now, I love eating them, only if they are properly cooked. Today, I m sharing the way I prepare aloo palak. Try it.
U will need the following: 1 large potato peeled & cut in small cubes, 250 gm fresh palak washed & finely chopped, 1 onion chopped, 1 tomato finely chopped,1 tspn jeera, 1 dry red chilly, 2 tbspn mustard oil, 1 tspn garlic paste,1/2 tbspn coriander powder, 1 tspn butter,1 tspn black pepper, salt to taste.
Heat oil. Add jeera & chilly. Add onion. When it turns pink, add potato. Cook for 5 minutes. Add garlic paste. Add coriander powder. Add tomato. Cook for 1 minute. Add palak. Cook for 3 minutes. Add black pepper. Mix well. Add butter. Cover it. Serve whenever u wish preferably as a side dish either with lunch or dinner.