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Hi,I am happy to see u here. I am from Bihar...Hence have my own bihari way to cook food. You will find many of Bihari cuisines or cuisines made bihari way. This blog is specifically about day-to-day visit to my kitchen. Mostly I try to make food with things which r easily available in kitchen or nearby market. If not so, I try to find a substitute. It is my 1st tryst with blogs or writing in any form, so, ur suggestions, comments r most welcome.
N yes, the pics are being clicked by my moto G cellphone Camera. It only means that in reality food looks more appetizing than the pic in the blog.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kele ke Kofte

Hi there. Today I am here to share my kofte recipe with you. As you know I am here after a very very long time, so without much talking,lets hit it straight.

U will need:3 raw banana,10-12cloves of garlic,2tspn jeera,1 tbspn coriander,3 dry red chilli, 2 tspn turmeric powder,2 leaves of tejpatta,3 medium size onion,3tbspn mustard oil, salt to taste.

Cut banana into two pieces.wash properly.boil in a pressure cooker.1 whistle is enoughh. peel off and mash the bananas.keep it aside.
peel the onions and chopp it. keep aside.
make a paste of turmeric powder, coriander,1 dry red chilli, 1tspn jeeera,garlic & 1 onion.
now add 1/3 of this paste to mashed banana.add salt. mix it well.Make small balls of the mixture.
Heat kadai. add 2tbspn of oil. Now deep fry the banana balls. keep aside in a bowl.

For Gravy, heat rest of the oil in another kadai.Add jeera,tejpaata & dry red chilli.
Add chopped onions.When it turns reddish brown, add the remaining paste. keep stirring for 5-8 minutes.Add water.After 10 minutes, pour this gravy in the bowl with koftas. In this way kofta will not break. Serve after 5-10 minutes.

Tip of the Day: You can serve dry koftas as snacks with chutneys or sauce.


  1. hii usha

    waiting for more bihari recipes.....nice blog...plz keep posting

    1. Thank you..
      Why dont you follow the blog. That way,U may keep a track whenever I post.

  2. hey.. nice bihari recipes,i want to know how to make dahi bade both sweet and salty in bihari style.

    1. Hey...Thanks. It took me a while to post this. Hope you will like it.Here is the link to dahi-vada..